Success Stories
Municipality of Gallarate (VA)

Point-to-point RF Zagha ​​and Smart City

Gallarate is an Italian municipality of 54,000 inhabitants in the province of Varese in Lombardia. Following the outsourcing of the Italian and Lombard economy, Gallarate has grasped the potential offered by the nearby Malpensa airport, thus transforming itself into a tertiary and commercial center of growing importance.
The city is strengthening its infrastructure and is in fact proposed as a logistics base, here are headquartered and offices several airlines, rail transport companies and multinational companies. New developments for the economy of Gallarate and the Malpensa area have also taken place following the assignment of Expo 2015 to the city of Milan: the exhibition, in fact, was located next to the Rho exhibition center, connected with Gallarate.

During 2021, the municipality of Gallarate saw the redevelopment of public lighting with LED luminaires and point-to-point radio frequency remote control on 1,246 light points. Each luminaire has been equipped with an LPR node (with Zhaga and IP66 connection) allowing an excellent propagation of the radio signal while through 32 LPM gateways the data of all the remotely managed light points of Gallarate are collected.
The switching on of the systems is managed remotely thanks to the DIMmy-WEB modules with integrated astronomical clock that, in addition to defining switching on and off, allow a complete remote management at the switchboard level; moreover, through the Meetering module, the measurements of the switchboard are certified according to the MID directives.

The data, then, are available on the MaestroWeb software that allows both the manager and the municipality to view the status of the systems in real time from any device connected to the internet.
Also, through the MaestroWeb software, it is then possible to directly reach Smart City devices such as: Intelligent pedestrian crossings, multimedia totems and variable message panels (VMP).
For underpasses, on the other hand, an integration has been made so that the alarms sent by the system (Level of attention, alert level, underpass closed to traffic) can be viewed directly on the software.

Project's Numbers
  • Profile n. 65 TLC Kit switchboard composed of: DIMmy web + MID module + backup battery
  • Profile n. 32 Radio gateways composed of: LPM + LPM/R gateway
  • Profile n. 1070 LPR-Z Nodes
  • Profile n. 176 LPR04-IP66 Nodes
  • Profile n. 1 Maestro and MaestroWeb Software
  • Profile n. 11 LPB modules with presence sensor for adaptive lighting on cycle paths
  • Profile n. 42 intelligent pedestrian crossings
  • Profile n. 4 variable message panels
  • Profile n. 9 Interactive multimedia totems
  • Profile n. 52 Video surveillance cameras
  • Profile n. 8 Intelligent underpasses for water level monitoring