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Municipality of Piossasco (TO)

Single light point remote control with Zhaga RF node

Piossasco (TO) is an Italian municipality of 18,366 inhabitants in the metropolitan city of Turin. The city is wedged in the Turin plain, about 18 kilometers west of the capital, and has the boundaries of the rivers Chisola and Sangone, to the north it is covered by Mount San Giorgio which became a provincial park on November 8, 2004. It is also one of the most important centers of the Turin belt for mountain biking and free flight enthusiasts (paragliding and hang gliding).

During 2020, the redevelopment of public lighting was carried out both at the level of switchboard and luminaires. The discharge technology has been replaced with LED technology ensuring, in addition to considerable energy savings, and a reduction in light pollution.

Each panel has been equipped with Remote Control KIT through the DIMmy module and the Meetering module for the control of the switchboard and the survey of the measurements from the switchboard certified according to the MID directives.

In addition, around 2,700 LPR-Z (Zhaga) modules were installed for the remote control of the radio frequency point-to-point remote management of the individual devices.
Remote management is possible through the Maestro Web software that is used both by the plant manager and by the public administration via Internet browser.

Project's Numbers
  • Profile n° 92 KIT for switchboard telemanagement (DIMmy + router 4G + Energy meter MID)
  • Profile n° 20 Radio Gateway
  • Profile n° 2630 LPR-Z nodes
  • Profile n° 100 LPR04 IP66 nodes
  • Profile Maestro + MaestroWeb software