Success Stories
Northern Emirates (United Arab Emirates)

7,000 NEMA LRP nodes and 27 panels with radio frequency gateways and panel remote control

During 2020-2021 the Ministry of Presidential Affairs (MOPA) decided to redevelop the entire valley and highways between Dubai and Oman state with LED technology. The project includes more than 100 km of roads and about 7,000 luminaires.

The entire project saw the inclusion of a Remote Management system controlled by about 7,000 NEMA LRP Nodes with 27 Switchboard equipped with radio frequency gateway. Fai-type adaptive street lighting was also implemented in the project.

In fact, the lighting is controlled according to the latest standards, considering the hourly vehicular flow, the weather conditions and the luminance on the road surface. The overall savings achieved thanks to adaptive lighting is 55% compared to standardized cycles.

During the preliminary phases, the Hyperdroid APP was used, which received all the information, including the geographical position, of the light points.

Project's Numbers
  • Profile n° 6900 Knots LPR NEMA
  • Profile n° 29 LTM Sensors - FAI
  • Profile n° 27 RF Gateway (DIM+LPM+Router4G)
  • Profile n° 2 Master PRO + Master Web
  • Profile n° 1 Hyperdroid APP