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Municipality of Sava (TA)

Adaptive lighting FAI and single lighting point control

Sava is a municipality of 16500 inhabitants of the province of Taranto. Located in the hinterland of Salento, it is famous for the monuments of the old Town, the production of primitive wine and olive oil. From the beginning of the 2018 it is possible to admire the whole country under a different light: it has been recently completed the requalification of public lighting, complete with point-to-point remote management and adaptive lighting.

All the switchboards have been replaced and equipped with the Revetec modules: DIM, RAM, LPM/D, Routers 3G allow the remote control of the electrical panel and every single lighting fixture. All of the discharge lamps have been replaced with LED lighting fixtures, each of these is equipped with LPL module for Point-to-point remote management by means of conveyed waves.

Two LTM sensors have been placed on the two access roads to the country for the adaptive lighting FAI: By detecting traffic, luminance and weather conditions, lighting fixtures are adjusted ensuring maximum safety and greater Energy saving compared to the hourly setting.

In the control center of the company that manages the plants are present the management software Maestro and Maestro Web.

The Sava administration keeps the plants under control thanks to a user on Maestro Web reachable from any Internet browser through dedicated username and password.

Project's Numbers
  • Profile N. 42 Switchboards equipped with DIM, RAM, LPM / D modules, Routers 3G, filter coils.
  • Profile N. 3572 LED lighting fixtures equipped with LPL module with PLC
  • Profile N. 2 Two LTM sensors for adaptive lighting
  • Profile N. 1 Maestro 2.0 Software
  • Profile N. 1 Maestro Web Software