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Siracusa – Catania (Italy)

Revetec luminous flux regulators for motorways

Two strategic road axes: the Mestre by-pass and the Syracuse-Catania.

The Italian road and motorway networks must increasingly support increasing traffic conditions, queues and construction sites, due to the high demand for mobility, especially at peak times. As a result, transport infrastructures are significantly stressed, and the need arises to create alternatives to existing stretches.
From this perspective, two strategic nodes of the Italian motorway system arise: the Mestre bypass and the Syracuse - Catania section of the Sicilian A18 motorway.

The Mestre Bypass, which involves 12 municipalities with a total length of 32.3 km, acts as a motorway link between the A4 (Padua-Venice), the A27 (Venice-Pian di Vedova) and, again, the A4 (Venice-Trieste) and by-pass of the metropolitan area by strengthening the infrastructural capacity of the hinterland of Venice, in order to play a growing role in relations with Eastern Europe. A significant part of the work, due to the high urbanization of the area, takes place in the tunnel.

The Syracuse-Catania section is part of the Sicilian A18 motorway, partly open and partly still under construction, which will connect Messina to Rosolini.
The highway aims to allow a more orderly flow towards the inhabited centers it passes through and to accelerate and facilitate the tourist development of the southern area of ​​the province of Syracuse and Ragusa. Significant is the presence of tunnels in a region, such as Sicily, with a predominantly hilly or mountainous profile.

For the Mestre bypass, Revetec provided Gemmo Spa, which took care of all the electrical systems: n. 28 regulators, n. 14 Lv probes serving 7 tunnels.

For the Syracuse-Catania Revetec provided Pizzarotti Spa of Parma: n. 26 regulators, n. 16 Lv probes, serving 8 tunnels.