Success Stories
Autonomous photovoltaic lighting (SA)

Public lighting extension for Moio della Civitella (SA) with 400 UNICO lighting points

UNICO 2.0! Since a few months this is the keyword for all citizens of Moio della Civitella municipality near Salerno. 

400 Revetec UNICO 2.0 photovoltaic powered lighting points were recently installed inside this area: project was funded by the European Union.
The project has been studied through a low environmental impact solution: batteries are placed at the base of the pole. A preventive to batteries theft, is put in place thanks to the presence of an alarm that activates while opening the battery compartment’s door. Alarm is immediately sent to the management company via remote control.

Main features of the UNICO version 2.0 installed:

  • Photovoltaic modules with CIGS technology from 150Wp
  • Gel batteries 120Ah, 2 for each lamp
  • 24W power LED lighting fixtures
  • LPR-FV module by Revetec for remote management using radio frequency system

The system is integrates a switchboard with DIM, RAM, LPM and LPM/R of Revetec for remote monitoring and communication via radio frequency towards all luminaires. 
Control room central server features Maestro software Professional. By periodic downloading of data each single lighting point and switchboard are monitored. Alarms are being received and sent in real time to various company managers via both SMS and Email.