Success Stories
Lusail Tunnels CP07, Qatar (Qatar)

Remote management of single lighting point in Qatar

Completed in the second part of 2017, the CP07 tunnels are located on the main interconnecting artery between the city of Lusail and the capital of Qatar, Doha; The tunnels provide quick access to the new urbanization of Lusail City and will constitute a fundamental road infrastructure for the 2022 football World Cup.

The lighting control technology of the Revetec range is used for this type of installation requiring real-time light control through experience and research: able to guarantee high operability and Interlacing with the centralized control system.

The entire "lighting" infrastructure of the tunnels is based on a point-to-point remote control (1,076 projectors) of the reinforced illumination, through L20 luminance probes installed at the entrance of the tunnels. Remote management is possible with DIM modules and LPM gateways.

The CP07 tunnels represent a successful project in the Middle East area, signed Revetec.