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Tunnel La Aldea – Gran Canaria (Canary Islands)

Single lighting point management and veil luminance probe

Gran Canaria is the third largest island of Canary Islands archipelago and the largest for population. Its origin is volcanic and characterized by its round shape, 46% of the territory was declared in 2015 as biosphere reserve by Unesco.

By 2017 life quality for the island will increase thanks to "La Aldea" tunnel, the very first fully lit up by LED lighting: this has not been considered a simple lighting project within Canary Islands but "the project". This latter is also the reason why there were many expectations on Revetec system features, that thanks to its high reliability, were widely appreciated by archipelago's Government, who wanted to witness first-hand to test operation.

The Gallery consists of two parallel tunnels, each with a single driving direction, linking the village "La Aldea" with "El Risco" in the northwestern part of the island. The length is 3125 meters towards "El Risco" and 3149 meters towards "La Aldea", with a slight 2% slope uphill in the direction of La Aldea. The lighting of this gallery has been designed with a single row of luminaires located within the axis of the road at a height of 6.25 meters.

The power supply is split into two electrical cabins (one per direction), and in each one there is a control panel with modules Revetec: DIM + SDLx + LPM/D as to manage reinforcement circuit and DIM + LPM/D for permanent circuit management. Within each lighting fixture an LPC module is installed with DALI output.
Reinforcement circuits are automatically managed, through a debilitating luminance sensor installed on each entrance. Sensor reads luminance real-time values then sends a signal to the modules installed within the control panel, performing a linear dimming and, below a set luminance value, switches off lighting points. Permanent circuits are driven by short-time scenarios set in LPM/D: during the day they command luminaires to ensure 2 cd/m2 on the road surface, and during the night (from 23:00 to 6:00) the set value is 1 cd/m2. Either in emergency situation or through SCADA software direct activation, the luminance will raise automatically 3cd/m2.

Control Panels are connecting to LAN line and communicating with Maestro software installed inside cabin CM-1. All messages appear in real time on the Autocad map of the tunnel.

Project's Numbers
  • Profile N° 2 control panels with 2 LPM, 1 SDLx and 2 DIM Revetec modules each
  • Profile N° 2 Debilitating Luminance sensors
  • Profile N° 314 LED Reinforcement luminaires 206W featuring LPC module onboard
  • Profile N° 287 LED Permanent luminaires 158W featuring LPC module onboard
  • Profile N° 1 Maestro PRO Software in Spanish