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A1 "Variante di Valico" highway's tunnel lighting (Italy)

Single lighting point control in the tunnels of A1 (Firenze - Bologna highway)

In December 2015 “Variante di Valico” highway section has been inaugurated: one of the most imposing public works’ infrastructure performed in Italy in recent years. A1var highway is running parallel to A1 highway ensuring a doubling of connection within Bologna and Firenze main road axis for a length of about 32 Km.
Public work included construction of 41 new tunnels41 new viaducts2 new junctions and a new service station area: lighting of all tunnels is managed and remotely controlled thanks to Revetec equipment.

Tunnels, in detail, are: 

  • Le Querce, Rioveggio I and Rioveggio II, Casino, Grizzana related to batch 5A; 
  • Val Di Sambro referring to works batches 5B and 6; 
  • Sparvo relatoe to batch 7; 
  • Poggio Civitella and Base Tunnel (8590 meters) referred to batches 10/9/11; 
  • Bollone I, II and III, Buttoli and Largnano referred to batch 12; 
  • A1var Underpass Puliana, Atleta and Poggio Manganaccia, referring to batch 13.

Inside electrical substations, within power panels, DIM, SDLx and LPM modules are installed, allowing single luminaire’s management. DIM module allows control panel’s remote data interchange towards control center; SDLx management module along with veiling luminance sensor, mounted at tunnel entrance to the gallery allows reinforcement circuit management; LPM module allows point-to-point luminaires’ management via power line carrier through LPC modules installed inside LED luminaires.

All over works involved highway section, Revetec modules were installed within 31 control panels controlling reinforcing circuits and within 42 control panels managing permanent circuits.
Veiling luminance sensors are installed at 31 tunnel entrances: thanks to the calculated luminance values, reinforcement circuits luminaires dimming is being adjusted gradually through LPM, delivering command via power line carrier to each single LPC module.

Luminaire dimming for permanent circuits is being managed by LPM delivering commands to LPC modules: in this case, dimming is set through time scenarios. Currently 70% of dimming is set for lighting during overnight: between 10:00 PM and 6:30 AM.

Through LPM it is possible to perform up to 3 overriding working cycles directly from centralized SCADA software forcing 50% lighting output dimming, 75% lighting output dimming and 100% lighting output (maximum light).
Within all LED lighting fixtures LPC dimming module is installed, power on/off, remote control of each single light point is being set via power line carrier. 

Installation is operating over different LED fixtures powers and types: over reinforcement circuits powers of 470W, 330W, 170W, 70W and 40W are being used; over permanent circuits most LED fixtures are working at either 30W or 40W.