Success Stories
San Daniele tunnel – Ora, Bolzano (BZ)

Point-to-point control for the tunnel with the largest cross section in Italy

San Daniele” tunnel in Ora, within Bolzano area, represents one of the major civil works characterizing the new ring of this South Tyrolean town: the tunnel extends for 1,064 meters with a cross section of exceptional size (the largest in Italy, the sixth largest in the world). Through the south entrance the tunnel is able to accommodate both the main roadway and the one-way inbound and outbound ramps, linking the tunnel itself with the junction roundabout between Brennero and Fiemme national roads.

Lighting circuits’ management has been distributed into two electrical substations: North and South. In the North substation 4 electrical panels are operating while in the South substation 3 electrical panels are active.
In each substation an electrical panel is devoted to reinforcement circuits management being equipped with DIM, LPM, SDLX and NETCON modules for LAN communication towards the control center. SDLx module collects real time data from Ld debilitating (veil) sensor installed outside the tunnel entrance, in correspondence to the vehicle’s stopping distance. SDLx, through LPM module and via power line carrier, controls dimming of luminaires, equipped with LPC module onboard.

Reinforcement circuit integrates 104 LED luminaires by 444W, 35 LED luminaires by 176W and 38 LED luminaires by 76W. Inside each substation an electrical panel is devoted to UPS powered permanent circuit management and a second electrical panel has been designed to manage standard permanent circuit. 

All permanent circuits’ electrical panels are equipped with DIM, LPM and NETCON modules. Luminaires’ dimming has been set using a time scenario stored in LPM modules, dimming command is sent via power line carrier at pre-set times.

Permanent circuit integrates 119 LED luminaires by 45W and 112 LED luminaires by 35W, all equipped with LPC modules onboard. 
Last electrical panel located inside North substation, is devoted to street lighting luminaires located outside the Northern entrance. This electrical panel integrates again DIM, LPM and NETCON modules. Dimming is set throygh time scenarios through LPM module. This part of the plant presents 21 LED luminaires by 100W, all equipped with LPC module.

Maestro Software has been installed inside the tunnel control room server and communication towards modules has been designed using the tunnel’s LAN.

Both electrical panel data and individual luminaire’s measures are downloaded through automatic programmed calls ; alarms are automatically generated and sent via email.

Opportunity to modify settings and tunings directly from the software has been also ensured to the local technical team.