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Nordhavn Tunnel – Copenhagen (Denmark)

Single lighting point control on an important tunnel in Denmark

In Copenhagen, capital of Denmark, the Nordhavn Tunnel is being completed soon. This road tunnel, located underneath Svanemøllen bay, has been conceived to simplify access towards Nordhavn new residential district, industrial port and cruise terminal. The project has undergone changes during construction and the opening is expected by 2017.

Tunnel lighting management system has been assigned to Revetec’s Opera range. Lighting installation has been designed to be managed by two electrical substations, one for each entrance, known as the "West" and "East" entrance.

Ld debilitating (veil) luminance sensor is positioned in correspondence to each tunnel entrance and connected to the corresponding SDLx module installed inside the substation. This module, according to the level read by the sensor, gradually adjusts lighting devices’ dimming for the reinforcement circuits through LPM management module.

Reinforcement lighting circuit is currently composed of 78 LED luminaires 296W equipped with LPL modules. Permanent lighting circuit is composed of 136 LED luminaires 89W also equipped with LPL onboard. Dimming is  managed through LPM module using hourly scenarios: by 23h00 a 50% lighting output dimming is effective.

Through digital inputs LPM module handles three additional overriding scenarios for the entire lighting plant: the first and the second taking place via the manual positioning of selector switch on the control panel and enabling either turn off or 50% dimming of the lighting fixtures. Third scenario is controlled by the security alarm inside the tunnel (i.e. fire, accidents, etc.) : in case of alarm activation all luminaires are brought to the maximum lighting output level.

Maestro software has been installed inside Tunnel control center’s server, where remote management of the system is operating: electrical parameters, measurements and alarms are transferred and examined through Maestro with the ability to modify and upload settings and adjustments. Alarms and alerts are sent via email to the technicians in charge for maintenance.

You can see the tunnel after opening, at this video.