Success Stories
Karkunvuoren tunnel - Tampere (Finland)

Point to point control for each single LED lamp


Karkunvuoren tunnel: 2 tubes tunnel, provided of totally 101 pcs of TLED-Asymmetric lamps one way and 46 pcs TLED -symmetric the other one.


Each single lamp is equipped with LPL, in order to monitor and dim each lamp.
A control cabinet segregated in 4 compartments has been supplied to manage main incoming section, reinforcements sections for each tunnel and permanent section. In each compartments LPM/C module has been installed to perform communication via PLC while DIM module for data acquisition has been placed on Main incoming section.
In addition 2 CP converters from 4-20 mA to digital output have been installed on reinforcements sections  to detect luminance sensor. 


The control system will save 25‐30% of energy and will double the life of all  luminaire components. This will reduce the operational cost substantially and contribute to a cleaner environment.