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Marsa tunnel (Malta)

Tunnel entrance to La Valletta

The tunnel Marsa is located at the entrance to La Valletta in Malta, a one-way tunnel having length of about 200 meters. 

The power supply of the lighting system is divided into two circuits, the first made of n ° 94 LED fixtures , 183W and 272W and the second of n ° 9 LED luminaires , 72W. 

The dimming of the luminaires of the first circuit is controlled by the Veiling Luminance Sensor at the entrance of the tunnel and by the SDLX module, connected to LPM module: thanks to the data read by the sensor, the dimming or off command of the LEDs is managed in real time. 

The dimming of the fixtures of the second circuit takes place via scheduled timing scenarios, set on the LPM module. 

Thanks to the installation of the Maestro software at the Transport Malta organization it is possible to control the system remotely: downloading measurements and alarms, both at the level of the electrical control panel , as well as the single lighting point, having the possibility to change the settings and dimming. 

The adopted solutions, along with the remote control system, allow a significant energy saving and timely reporting of faults.