Success Stories
Autostrade per l'Italia (Italy)

LED lighting and remote control in italian highway tunnels


The Tunnel Plan of Autostrade per l’Italia, the largest operator of motorways and tunnels in Italy, with 6,000 km of highways network and more than 500 tunnels, has featured the complete renovation of the plants to comply them with the new European standards.
In particular for the lighting fixtures, over 30,000 LED luminaires were installed for the lighting of the permanent zone, about 400 Veil Luminance Sensors for the management of entrance circuits in accordance with UNI 11095 / CIE 88 and a few hundred power controllers for the circuits of reinforcement.
The work began in 2007 and was almost completed in 2012.


Revetec has provided about 400 Veil Luminance Sensors, certified by INRIM in accordance with UNI 11095/CIE 88 standards, a few hundred INTELUX NG and SEC STP power controllers, units for the management of reinforcement circuits SDL TC and all the necessary hardware for remote monitoring of various components and the operation of the circuits. They were also provided more than 15000 LPL modules for the control and command of the LED lighting fixtures, as well as the LPM/C modules for the proper management of the circuits.

Moreover a version of Maestro software adapted to the needs of Autostrade per l’Italia was developed and delivered, which runs on internal Servers of the client, able to query the over 400 units and the two hundred point to point LED and to be consulted by the technicians present on duty and located throughout the Italian territory.
As last, a new web application introduced to manage the system even by the non-specialist staff (technicians managing the radio room 24 hours per day).