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LED point to point system for tunnel “Sheikh Khalifa” - Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates)

Powerline carrier in point to point system for LED


The new Middle East’s longest road tunnel, Sheikh Khalifa, is now connecting Dalma Street in the South East, and the Corniche, near Mina Port trough a 3km long y-shaped tunnel on the Eastern side of Abu Dhabi.
The tunnel has two tubes with 3/4 lanes each. It opened for traffic in January 2013.
The total cost of the project was AED 5Bn (€ 1 Billion) and it took about 5 year to build it. More than 4,000 workers were involved in the construction of one of the largest infrastructure ventures in the region.


The threshold lighting is done with 1.600 high pressure sodium (HPS) luminaires (400W and 250W), providing a maximum luminance of 250/300 cd/m2. The permanent / interior lighting was done with 5.000 LED luminaires (48W),providing a max luminance of 15 cd/m2.

The Tunnel Lighting Control System (TLCS) provides automatic operation of the lighting in 4 daytime stages and two night time stages. The control is based on the L20 measurement in the approach zone of the tunnel and of the traffic density in the tunnel. 
Each of the LED luminaires is fitted with a “Lighting Point Controller” (LPL) from Revetec. The LPL is mounted on top of the luminaire. Each of the LED panels is equipped with a “Lighting Point Manager” (LPM) communicating to each of the LED luminaires via power line carrier. 


The LED luminaires are dimmed from 100-25% saving up to 80% of energy. The high savings are due to the efficiency increase of the dimmed LED luminaire. 
In total the control system will save 30%-40% of energy and will increase the lamp life including the life of all other luminaire components.