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Tweede Benelux tunnel - Holland (Netherlands (The Netherlands))

Energy saving and intelligent lighting with Intelux controllers


As its name suggests, the 2nd Beneluxtunnel has a predecessor: the Benelux Tunnel. This is a very famous tunnel in the Netherlands as the traffic congestion around is reported every rush hour on the traffic news. Traffic volumes have increased from 10,000 in 1967 to 110,000 cars in 1997. Reason enough to create additional capacity. Located 60 m to the east of the existing tunnel, the 2nd Beneluxtunnel will, when completed in 2002, form part of the motorway ring around Rotterdam.

The originally lighting project for the 6 double lane tube tunnels, each of them 905 m long, 5 m high and 9,5 m wide, foresaw as mentioned in the tender a control with 8 switching steps in the entrances with only an outdoor lighting control.


The actual Tweede Beneluxtunnel project designed in August 1998 has the primary objective to ensure the most confortable and safe conditions for the vehicle traffic applying also solutions that minimise the use of electrical energy while guaranteeing at the same time high level of reliability and reduced maintenance.
Instead of 8 steps in illumination with differed sizes of lamps (100-150-250-400W HPS), each tunnel has 3 controlled steps (R1 R2 R3) and 1 switched step (S4) with only 400W HPS .For outdoor lighting measurement is installed a L20 meter and an indoor L2 meter. The in- and outdoor values are the basics for the settings of the controllers (calculated by the PID-controller in the central PLC.). The lowest controlled step (R1) is equipped with symmetrical luminairs over the whole tunnel length.
This step is always on in the central part of the tunnel and is dimmed at 3 settings:
13 Cd/m² during daytime
5 Cd/m² during twilight
2.5 Cd/m² during nighttime
Luminairs are placed on a distance of 14 m (flicker frequency) and are dimmed with 25A Intelux controllers..
As soon as a controlled step (R2 or R3) with asymmetrical luminairs in the entrance zone is switched on and controlled to the desired value, the symmetrical luminairs will be dimmed to minimum and at the end switched off. Because of this the symmetrical lighting will not reduce the effect of counter beam lighting.
The asymmetrical luminairs are placed on the ceiling already in accordance with the CEN curve for tunnel lighting.
The maximum illumination is calculated to 220 Cd/m².The asymmetrical luminairs are designed with 3 equal steps, 2 controlled and one switched.
The 2 controlled steps are completely equal and every day shall the first step to be switched on different with the day before.
Because of that all lamps will have the same burning hours/year.
The switched step (S4) is hardly switched on only during sunny days.
The total amount of lamps for the 6 tunnels is 305 symmetrical and 460 asymmetrical.
The total amount of Intelux controllers is 79 pc's 25A and 32 pc's 45A.