Success Stories
Sassari (SS)

Energy saving with Reverberi range SEC STP controllers and remote control system


Public Administrations have to manage in a rational way and without wastes all the energetic resources of the community. The electronic controlling of luminous flux in public lighting plants pursues this aim.
Among the most interesting cases of corrective interventions aiming to control and save energy is important to mention the lighting public plant in Sassari. Some years ago the Municipal Administration decided to approve, after a tender, an ambitious redeveloping project of all urban lighting plants both high pressure sodium and mercury vapours ones. On a total installed power of about 1.700 kW, it was considered economical convenient to use the above program for about 1.427 kW, considering the extreme high redeveloping costs of the remaining plant parts, preferring waiting for new special tenders.
The intervention concerned the replacement of all electric distribution panels and meantime the installation of electronic source controllers and feeding voltage stabilizers, equipped with a remote control system.


In Sassari they have been installed Reverberi Range SEC controllers type QIR, having integrated control panel. Altogether 46 devices have been installed, with a changeable power range among 23 and 66 kVA according to the different needs. These electronic devices use static components minimizing maintenance costs and fitted to be controlled by a remote control system.
The remote control meets a greater need by Organisations or Concerns which control plants: supervise and control the state and functioning of the same in order to constantly check their efficiency.
As it concerns Sassari, we state the following operative irregularities/modalities:

  • Differential general switch state (on, off, trip)
  • Auxiliary switch state (on-off)
  • Output switch state (on-off)
  • Anti-sabotage control by monitoring the electric panel access 

Moreover they're methodically monitored and read:

  • SEC controller parameters
  • Electric measures (voltage, current, power,, energy)
  • Parameters memorized on the control computer with the possibility of creating graphics and tables.


While timing allows to reduce the absorbed power by lamps, comparing the luminous emission with the real needs, the voltage stabilization increases source life, slowing the luminous  efficiency creep and reducing maintenance costs.
The combined stabilization and control action allowed Sassari - as you can easily see on the following table to obtain a total electric energy saving of about 30%, without any failures, indeed, using remote control systems allowed the out of service time reaching zero and a better maintenance activity program.

Project's Numbers
  • Profile Annual working hours: 4334 hours
  • Profile Energy consumption without power control: 6,198,736 KWh
  • Profile Annual percentage saving: 39.01%
  • Profile Annual energy saving: 435.314.000 Lit.
  • Profile Economic savings per KW controlled: 300,000 Lit. / year
  • Profile Final energy consumption with power control: 3,780,324 KWh