Cloud Software

Enetec Smart Solutions' MaestroWeb cloud platform, allows the using of user-friendly remote control system without needing a dedicated control room or server.    

Activation and configuration of the user interface are just some of the services available to the customer who can forget the burden of having an investment in IT infrastructure and its maintenance.

The services included:

  • Management and maintenance of the server/software
  • Data storage space on Enetec Smart Solution's own server
  • Use of Maestro WEB 2.0 GUI (Graphical User Interface)
  • Web-based consultation and analysis of downloaded data
  • Use of real-time web-based diagnostic tools
  • Set-up of registration data (lighting distribution boards and lighting points) in a single solution
  • Data configuration for the communication with Maestro SW
  • Communication tests of lighting distribution boards and lighting points
  • Synoptic configuration
  • Configuration of automatic functions (Calls, Notifications, etc.)
  • User’s creation and configuration
  • Editing of lighting distribution boards and lighting points parameters directly by the web interface

Management of your cities lighting infrastructure with one click.