Indoor lighting

Indoor lighting

The MAIA system was designed to allow significant energy savings in large internal lighting systems, regulating the luminous intensity emitted by the luminaires according to the environmental and design parameters.

The system constantly modifies the level of artificial light, setting a level of dimming such as to guarantee the desired illumination value in the environment, regulating the lighting fixtures on the basis of external contributions of natural light.

The system provide energy savings to be achieved:

  • By taking advantage of the contribution of natural light, it is possible to reduce the luminous flux of the luminaires (reducing the absorbed power), so as to guarantee exactly the desired level of illuminance, rationalizing consumption.
  • Keeping the lighting level constant, as it is able to cancel the greater consumption linked to the oversizing (area of ​​the graphic) necessary to compensate for the maintenance factor. The system will therefore avoid, from the first switching on of the appliances, that the system works in full light when the conditions of use do not require it.

By regulating the plant based on the input data described above, it is possible to achieve savings of around 35-40% on average.