Presentation of LIFE-Diademe project to Cypriot delegation

The national LIFE contact point of Cyprus has organized, as part of the Capacity building project "CYCLamEn-CYprus capacity building for LIFE", a study visit in Italy that will take place from 12 to 15 December 2017: the three most important Italian LIFE projects are the subject, as the themes addressed are of great interest in the island of Cyprus.

Among the objectives: to participate more effectively in the LIFE programme, also through exchange activities with those countries that, like Italy, are considered among the most virtuous in the context of LIFE program.
The Italian LIFE’s national contact point joined the Cypriot initiative and the first day of the study visit – held in Rome, at the headquarters of the Ministry of Environment (MATTM) on 12 December 2017 – provided the opportunity to illustrate to the Cyprtiot team, the various activities carried out in support of Italian candidates and beneficiaries.

Eng. Paolo di Lecce, CEO of Reverberi Enetec, opened the meeting presenting the Diademe project and illustrating its technical, administrative and financial aspects.