XXI Congresso Nazionale AIDI

AIDI-Italian Lighting Association presents the XXI National Congress " PAST/FUTURE. The influence of light on changing lifestyles" that will take place on 24 and 25 June at the Palazzo dei Congressi in Bologna.

With this event, AIDI Associazione Italiana di illuminazione wants to create and deliver authoritative content in line with changes in the social, cultural and technological context, communicating a culture of light that is in step with the times and able to meet the challenges that these changes increasingly impose on the sector.

Revetec will present a paper on a restricted AI algorithm that allows the application of adaptive FAI lighting to the totality of the telecontrolled lighting points of the installation, taking into account the values of traffic, weather conditions, and street luminance measured in real time on the main roads. This approach obviously takes into account the requirements of UNI 11248. It makes it possible to indicate best practices to be adopted to increase energy saving while maintaining a high level of safety, as it is based on actual data obtained from a real case study.

New technologies are radically transforming the approach to the design of both indoor and outdoor environments, and the urban context is also rapidly evolving towards a digital paradigm.

For more information and the full event program, please visit the following link.