Fifth edition of "Riprenditi la città, riprendi la luce"

Following the success of the past editions, AIDI (the Italian Cultural Association of Lighting) organizes and promotes the fifth edition of the International video competition “Riprenditi la città, Riprendi la luce”.
An initiative that aims to disseminate the “culture of light” among the young, to stimulate their awareness of the importance that this element plays in their daily lives, and to learn and understand how they interact, precisely through the light, with the city they live, work, or study in.
The light, the young participants and the cities still are the protagonists of this V edition. The video will be the instrument through which they will narrate the light: a 60-second film, which can be filmed with portable or mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones, video camera, camera, etc. The cities become the stage of their video shooting and tales, their lit backgrounds, the colourful scenographies through which the young participants will tell their stories, their squares, and their gathering, leisure, meeting, and work places.

Fifth edition's novelties: among the special prizes there will be the new section "LIGHT and PHOTOGRAPHY". In fact, light is also an important element of photography and a prize dedicated to this marriage enriches and deepens the applications of light.

The competition was organized thanks to the financial contribution of leading companies operating in the field of lighting, including Reverberi Enetec, in the awareness of how strategic it is to create tools capable of creating and spreading the culture of light, starting above all from the new generations.