Revetec's goal is to provide innovative solutions for intelligent energy management while safeguarding the environment.

The main points behind the Revetec philosophy are:

  • Manage lighting
  • Optimize energy consumption
  • Develop energy applications from renewable sources
  • Safeguard the environment
  • Safeguard the health and safety of its workers

The defense of these principles requires Revetec some important choices, illustrated below.

Products and services

Revetec has paid great attention to energy and energy saving for years. For this reason, it constantly seeks solutions aimed at optimizing energy consumption through the supply of innovative systems for intelligent energy management. Solutions that place the company towards values of safeguarding and respect for the environment, through products aimed at energy saving and the production of renewable energy. The ranges offered are oriented towards this vision: from advanced remote management systems, to products for regulating the light flow for public lighting systems and tunnels, to the supply of products and services for the generation of sustainable electricity. Since its foundation, Revetec has employed huge resources in Research and Development, in the belief that the design and continuous improvement of products are the basis of lasting success.

Attention to the customer

Revetec places the analysis and awareness of customer needs at the center of its activities. Satisfying the customer's requirements and needs, determining and addressing the risks that can affect customer satisfaction, as well as earning and maintaining his loyalty, is for Revetec the key to obtaining excellent business results in a lasting way and is, therefore, the permanent goal to which the whole organization must strive.

Quality management system

The Quality Management System is considered a fundamental operational tool, which allows the integration between processes and the support in their management, when it is: in compliance with the reference standard, made to grow, developed according to external changes, known and assimilated within the organization. The Management is directly and constantly committed to guaranteeing the development and continuous improvement of the Company Quality Management System, providing the necessary means and establishing the organizational positions suitable for its functioning.

The Management undertakes to:

  • monitor the relevant stakeholders and their requirements as well as the external and internal factors that affect the ability to achieve their objectives in the context of quality system management;
  • monitor the risks and / or opportunities that need to be addressed to maximize the expected results;
  • privilege the training of all staff on the operation and management of the Quality System and the implications of this system in their function, so that it becomes the cultural and operational heritage of the entire company structure;
  • annually define the Quality Objectives, expressed in measurable parameters differentiated by sector of activity;
  • promote a periodic and constant review of the System to identify, plan and apply actions aimed at continuous improvement;
  • disseminating the status of the system within the organization, in order to make it increasingly suitable for the real needs of business processes.

All staff involved in the provision of services and in the creation of products are invited to set their work on the basis of objective and measurable parameters, to keep processes under control and to implement continuous improvement actions.